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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Reducing the abandoned carts is a general problem of e-commerce business. Your e-commerce store is still concerned with the inefficient operation when you sell products online with thousands of visits per day but the carts abandonment rate is still too high. Although Magento 2 community has found their way with Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension which can absolutely optimize checkout process and reduce the carts abandonment rate, other platform based websites seem to be still stuck with this issue.

So what are the problems that cause the shopping carts abandonment in your store? Your website is well-designed, your search engines ranking is on the top and all of your marketing plans are on schedule. However, the abandonment rate still stays the same. You can not figure out which step that you have gone wrong.

Our advice is let’s sit back and look at the list of instructions below to see what you have done and what you have not thought of to effectively cut off the abandoned carts rate.

Public the costs

The most inconvenient issue when shopping online is that the price is sometimes hidden or higher when checkout. And the fact is that nobody wants to see the unexpected added bill. Therefore, a clear price with the shipping fee, taxes, wrapping fee, installation fee, etc is totally needed to make your potential customers most comfortable.

Customers trust is the key to the successful business. Hence, let shoppers believe you from the first time they arrive at your site and see the arrangement of the product price. Publicizing all the costs also makes your website become more reliable to the shoppers because they do not have to worry about the hidden fee when purchasing on your site.

Guest Mode

A visitor will never give out his/her information on the first time he/she come or the first time purchasing in your store because personal information is important. Accordingly, if you require shoppers to sign up to view or sign up to complete the purchases, it is undeniable that the percentage a shopper abandons the cart is completely great.

To let your visitors conveniently suffer on your site, the Guest mode should be turned on. Once the visitors have investigated your site enough, they will undoubtedly become your customers.

Wish List Option

Some online stores might think that Wish List is unnecessary because shoppers can put the products directly into the shopping cart without purchasing later to consider the quantity they buy. And even if the shoppers do not check out, the products still remain in the shopping cart for future purchases. However, a wish list is more important than being just a list of visitor favourite products.

Obviously, items in the shopping cart are only displayed with thumbnails and prices. Unlikely, a wish list can inform shoppers with more information about the products such as promotion, sell off, out of stock item, etc. Moreover, the wish list can also be shared via emails or social channels to let shopper’s friend know what gift that they want. Not mention a shopping cart makes people feel as they have to purchase the items they pick. It is clear to see that wish list is more pleasant to visitors than the shopping cart and wish list can be an anchor to encourage visitors to come back your store.

magento 2 one step checkout

Reminder Email

Shopping carts abandonment can occur not only because shoppers do not want to complete the orders but also due to the interruption of internet connecting or contingencies. Thus, you should plan on automatically sending the email to remind shoppers with their abandoned carts. A coupon included in the email will make it more efficient to bring shoppers back with the uncompleted purchasing.

Optimized One Page Checkout

The best part is always saved until the last. A module that can help you optimize your checkout page is the best as well as the most convenient solution to your page. For an excellent example, Magento 2 One Step Checkout for Mageplaza provides users outstanding features to effectively boost conversion rate up to 30% and reduce 66% abandoned carts. This extension is totally money earning machine to Magento 2 stores.

magento 2 one step checkout
Source: https://www.magechoice.com/how-to-reduce-the-abandoned-carts-in-checkout-page/

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Find and choose the best Ajax Search for Magento 2

Short Overview.

Magento 2 Search extension by Mageplaza creates a big revolution at eCommerce stores when customers need to find any products. All search results are handled by Ajax technology to appear on the dropdown list while they have the strong relevance of the typed characters in the search box. Come here and the best solution for the product search is in your arms.
  • Show products instantly below search box via Ajax
  • Suggest products with high relevance
  • The amazing capability of SKU storage (more 10,000 SKUs)
  • Simple admin configuration
  • Include product details (image, name, price, and short description)

Why should use Search extension for Magento 2 stores?

Totally feel free to use a classic search method with neither suggestions nor modern technology if a number of selling products are poor that is easy to find manually. However, if you launch thousands of product categories with different attributes in the marketplace, losing in the created maze by yourself is extremely obvious. Your customers will take a long time to find the desired items even maybe they leave without any hesitation. That will cause a huge damage to your profit. Hence, improving the search tool is one of the clever solutions to make you stronger.
By using Magento 2 Search, the client can pick up needed products quickly with the highest satisfaction. Ajax Search module not only speeds up your store search significantly but it also is considered as the powerful one when supporting more than 10,000 SKUs for searching. The big storage will lead your customers to be more comfortable to purchase goods in the shortest time that is suitable for their demands. This is the great chance to increase your conversion rate in eCommerce business.

How to run?

Search Magento 2 extension is represented by the appearance of the Search box. Instead of spelling exactly the product name, the users only need to type the first few letters of the phrase, and then the relevant products with the proper name will display instantly on the drop-down list. The clients will see the product details including Product Name, Price, and Product Image to select the best match for their needs.
magento 2 search

Search Autocomplete

This is a smart tip by Magento 2 Search extension. Not required to input a full product name, customers achieve the search option with some first letters of the desired product. In the other way, Search Autocomplete functionality will predict what idea customers want. Basing on these words, Search extension will drop down a list of the best relevant suggestions. Search Autocomplete is a great idea to enhance user experience in your online store through the following features:
  • Show all search results via Ajax
  • Attach product image, name, price and some description
  • No navigation during search process

10,000 SKUs in search

Be more advanced than the default, Search extension provides a large space to store more than 10,000 SKUs for searching. With such big storage, your customers feel comfortable when finding at your store. For store owner, it is easy to offer many suggestions both of which are suitable for customer’s request. Due to that, you can satisfy the clients better and better. As you can see, this module is a valuable choice to be considered as the must-have extension of online business.
magento 2 search extension

magento 2 search extension

Simple Admin Control

If you install Magento 2 Search extension, you will get full of admin control from the backend. You can set the appearance of products search that appears together with more details via Ajax technology instead of any direction to another result page. For example, it is possible to enable/ disable price, image or short description of the products.

Limit search results

A particular option from the configuration of Search module is set a maximum number of items on the dropdown list. The limitation is done when you insert any number in the text field and save this change. The best number of shown items should depend on the web design how to be as suitable as possible.

Responsive Design

Magento 2 Search comes with highly friendly regardless of every device. In spite of using PC, tablet or mobile, your customers can start searching for the best response.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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The web browser is among the most used applications installed on one's body. It helps us see the internet, access various websites and download image, video, or content through the World Wide Web. Mozilla Firefox is one of the browsers that are employed by a big group of Internet users worldwide. This browser is preferred over others for your characteristics which might be not provided by other browsers. Security and reliability are a handful of them you simply can choose this browser among others.
Magento 2 Search Extension
Adwords-search: Google Search Advertising Advanced Exam covers this main topic that is, Search Fundamentals Review fundamentals Review which contains Organizing campaigns and Magento 2 Search Extension ads in the account, using keyword matching options, Account, campaign, and ad group performance, ad position and Ad Rank and Actual cost-per-click (CPC). Other topics are Ad Formats, Ad & Site Quality, AdWords Tools, Performance Monitoring and Reporting, Optimizing Performance, Performance, Profitability, and Growth and AdWords API Given today's time-pressured lifestyles, many of us simply don't have the time that individuals would otherwise prefer to ready ourselves each day for that big day ahead - or that matter, to generate ourselves look great for your big evening out! It is that is why that hair extension is now widely known as a means of gaining better appearance by easily and quickly adding length, volume or thickness for a hair. With hair extensions, you'll be able to improve your hairstyle very quickly, that also ensures they are an incredible option in case you just can't watch for flowing hair growing! Ecosia was the very first B Corporation established in Germany and is also an illustration of the this-this growing trend of organizations while using the primary goal of creating positive social impacts together with profit. B Corporations are certified by an unbiased entity and must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
Magento 2 Search Selecting expert people like an engineer, architect, and interior decorator is usually a sound choice. Though it will invest a number of funds for expert fees, it really is smarter compared to buying a high-class home. It will reduce lost in time working with agreements and evacuating. Make an effort to consider having experts to build up your desire house an actuality.
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In today's competitive world high is really much competition amongst companies, employers need to hire the best people for their executive assistants. The advantage of being in an executive assistant gives someone a possibility worth with all the head of the team and aid in achieving the goals and plans of the company. The greatest support companies have finally is the manpower because it determines the sleek functioning and running from the office.
Magento 2 Search
We use add-on programs to generate these web browsers more useful and perform functions other than the standard ones. These programs enhance the facilities available from a browser. Add-ons may substantially boost the usefulness of your browser to make working a fun for the user. These add-ons are however different for several browsers nonetheless they provide the almost similar type of facilities. You can make Mozilla Firefox jointly such browser whose features could be enriched substantially by utilizing different add-on programs based on your requirement. Magento 2 Search There are various other evident changes that these sites for dating present. The undeniable fact that the matchmakers employed to try to find wedding couples in their area itself is definitely the vast difference that is caused by the value systems. People, now, usually are not necessarily taking a look at marriage while surfing these sites, a minimum of to start with. Their sole aim is to locate suitable partner by themselves, whom they can date. The process further might be managed because the time for the similar arrives. Therefore, sites for dating have formulated a constructive change inside the system and attempt to accomplish that as increasing number of people, all around the world, visit the web, and ultimately to these sites, and explore the incessant benefits they've been offered. In fact, the appreciation from parents is another feather inside the cap of sites for dating. Illegitimate or black hat SEO practices bring about overstuffing of keywords inside content for governing the search engine results. This, in turn, wastes some time and in the user and also disrupts his experiences. SEO India means that all legal and ethical measures are adopted in order to get listings.
Magento 2 Search The SEO consultant orange county reliance on increased network traffic and appearance engine hits no prime mover position your business is located. SEO consultant orange county, homely to an incredible number of different companies both functioning because online further offline businesses, something needs to offer you disconsolate through the reunite. Creative, purposive fretwork build and check device positioning blame help businesses get accomplished seen in further places for increasingly the old-fashioned or paper advertising tout have show cross-pollinate using the internet marketing market.